Spread The Stoke

At Dirt Gloves we are not just about making mountain biking gear. We care deeply about our planet and the people living on it. Many of these people are unable to afford their own bicycle. They never have the opportunity to enjoy that amazing feeling of freedom you get while riding a bicycle down a dirt trail or a paved street. We teamed up with the amazing people at “Can’d Aid” to bring bicycles to children in underserved communities. Most of these children do not own a bicycle or have ever had the chance to ride a bicycle.
Dirt Gloves donates 1% of all sales to “Can’d Aid” with a mission to help as many of these children as we can to have their very own bicycle and to feel the freedom it gives you.

candaid bike build candaid bike build candaid bike build candaid bike build

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“Can’d Aid was formed as an immediate response to the massive flooding that devastated our hometowns of Lyons & Longmont, CO, in September 2013. To date, Can’d Aid has raised more than $3.4 million to support its “do-goodery” efforts including donating over one million cans of water to communities post-disaster, building 1,164 bicycles, donating 346 instruments and recycling the equivalent of 17.6 million cans.”
If you are interested in donating directly to “Can’d Aid” or to find out more information view their website HERE.

Together lets spread the STOKE!