How to Prepare for a Multi-Day Mountain Biking Trip

How to Prepare for a Multi-Day Mountain Biking Trip


There’s really nothing like a mountain biking road trip. It’s one of our favorite things about the sport, and certainly one of our favorite ways to see the world. Ditching the phones/internet, and mountain biking the days away...what more could you really want? But, to have a properly epic and well-executed mountain biking holiday, preparation is key. Today, we’re gonna go through a few pro-tips to make sure your next trip goes off without a hitch.

Create an Itinerary with Ride Data and Times

Although we do love to just ‘do whatever’, having some kind of plan (no matter how vague) is critical. When making an itinerary, be sure to consider your own physical limits and need for rest. Riding five miles every day seems fun in practice, but around the fourth or fifth might find yourself wanting a breather. Also take into consideration the elevation at which you’ll be riding, as this can have a huge impact on fitness and recovery times.

Check Your Passport, Visas, and Consider Travel Insurance

This might seem like a no-brainer, but regardless — don’t forget it. Many people book their mountain biking trips a year (or more!) in advance, which makes it easy to forget some of these things. Don’t assume anything! Different countries have different laws about traveler’s Visas and passport dates. On top of this, consider travel insurance if you’re investing heavily in your trip. Mountain biking is a dangerous sport — if you get injured, you’ll probably need to cut your holiday short. Traveler’s insurance can help you recoup some of the money lost, should this happen.

Check the Weather — Not the Climate

Don’t rely on the general climate of an area when you’re packing. Hot places get rainy and cold sometimes. Cold places get temperate and dry. The week before you go, check the weather for your destination and make sure to pack accordingly.

While we’re on the subject of packing, here’s a brief list of “you’ll be mad if you don’t have it” things to bring: Duct tape, zip ties, grocery bags, Ziploc bags, epoxy or super glue, international power converter, and a portable phone charger (or two!).

Tune Up that Bike!

Honestly, we think renting a mountain bike for your holiday is a great idea. But, if that’s not in the cards for one reason or another, make sure your own bike is 100% ready-to-rock. If you’re mechanically inclined, do it yourself! If not, take the bike into your local shop and have them give it a thorough once-over. Trust us, the peace of mind alone will be worth the price of admission. Make sure to bring extra tubes, a multitool, a spare chain, and even an extra derailleur hanger.

Emergency Contacts

Certainly not fun or exciting, but setting up an emergency contact is crucial. Be sure to leave your travel plans, itinerary, passport number, and personal details with someone you trust. If you’re feeling particularly cautious, you can even register your travel plans with your embassy.